Case studies

How is digital formative assessment supported by school heads, researchers and policy makers in other countries? The case studies illustrate the numerous challenges to DFA and the enablers that make it possible.

What will I find in this gallery?

The case Studies tell the stories of school leaders or policy makers and what they have done to support the uptake of (digital) formative assessment. The cases analyse the real-life school and education system context and illustrate the conditions at school level (for teachers and students) or at the system level (e.g. educational resources, professional training and support, knowledge and availability of digital tools).

Regardless of being school-based or policy-based, all case studies offer inspiration to both policy makers and school heads. Readers can learn from experiences in other countries and then design similar supportive environments for teachers and students in classrooms.

The case studies from 8 countries cover a wide range of topics, such as data privacy, making open-source digital tools available at system-level, defining DFA in the curriculum, adopting a whole-school digital platform, teacher learning communities, and so on. Finally, each case study also includes some insights from the research literature. Although the research papers are mostly written in English, we still provided the links to them in case readers would like to check these sources.